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Funny Mondays June 4, 2012

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*New Changes!* I’ve added a new tab labelled, “Gallery” to the top of my blog!

*Fun fun fun!* If you have a little bit of time today, click here to find out what your knitting personality is!

I’m The Artistic Knitter: “You have a flair for combining colours and patterns. You approach your knitting in an intuitive way and you’re not afraid to experiment. Your knitting is stylish and striking. You probably have a weakness for novelty yarn and a stars of yarn you’ve bought on impulse…”

What is your knitting personality? 


6 Responses to “Funny Mondays”

  1. kydel Says:

    Loving the Gallery. I would never have found your awesome sofa and tv otherwise! Love them!
    Also, I did the test and apparently I’m a Contented Knitter. I knit to relax. Since I knit almost all day long I must be practically horizontal with relaxation then! :D

    • Thank you! My good friend honestly told me that she doesn’t have time to look through every page of my blog so I had to come up with something… so I guess I should thank her hahhaha!

      Wasn’t the test short and fun? I wanna know what the other types of knitters are! Hopefully more people will do it :D :D

      I wish I can knit everyday!! You are definitely in the zen level hahaha

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog! I nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award! :)
    Thanks for sharing your work (and funny pictures!).

  3. JRJ2015 Says:

    rofl now thats cute

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