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To Surf and Bookmark March 3, 2012

Culture of Crafting:

I am always in search of knitting flower patterns and this is just one site that I came across during my search process. Instructions were very easy to comprehend!

Knitting Help:
My absolute favourite website to go to for help when i’m lazy to grab my Vogue Knitting book. This website contains videos which is great especially for a visual learner like myself.

6060: Animal Craft Plastic Safety Eyes Noses for Amigurumi:
Having trouble finding safety eyes? This is a great online store filled with a wide range of sizes for safety eyes and noses. The prices are reasonable and the shipping was quick!

A cute amigurumi cacti pattern

An absolutely cute crochet blog!

Knitted Toys
There are SOOOO many cute toys in this blog and it’s inspiring because they are all created by the blogger!  I absolutely adore the elephants!

Little Cotton Rabbits:
A blog about a loving mother and her life with an autistic child. She also knits and is very talented at what she does.

I love her books so naturally, I love her blog as well!

Fluff and Fuzz Knitting:
I get excited when I discover new knitted toy blogs and this is just another one I found. I love the mini Christmas stockings and will definitely knit one myself in the future!

A website filled with free patterns for knitted jewellery, flowers, Christmas decorations and much more!

Twin’s Knitting Pattern MiniShop:
Another cute blog that I’ve discovered! You can buy the products made by the blogger and free patterns are available as well! (Which is SO AWESOME!)


2 Responses to “To Surf and Bookmark”

  1. Cuenca Files Says:

    This is so great to put all these good links together! I love to knit also and I am sure I will check out all of these sites at one point. Thanks for posting them.

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