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Paddy Counts Sheep At Night September 26, 2012

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I was lucky enough to get a deal for the iPad off my friend
This new device takes away 1 hour of my sleep each night
While I sleep under the covers, I thought about my iPad getting cold
So I knitted Paddy a case, which took away 2 days of my life
Now Paddy can count the sheep while it sleeps :)


Pattern based on: Shaun the Sheep


P.S. Let’s all blame Paddy for my lack of blogging action for almost 3 weeks!!!!! Peach’s secret will have to wait another week :( I am terribly sorry!!  *Uses Paddy to shield away all the flying tomatoes*  I miss everyone and I have sooo much to catch up on :( I miss stalking everyone’s blog and creeping on your lives :( :( :(  Thank you for all your previous comments, I will reply to them as soon as possible!!! :)


Peach has a Secret September 6, 2012

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Peach loves to play at the park
But most of the time, she gets herself stuck
She loves animals and owns many unique and questionable pets
Butterflies, snakes, bugs, and even ducks

Peach has one pet that she particularly loves
It’s limey green with a  yellow spiky spine
This pet is very different from all the other animals
You do not want to hang around it when he needs to dine

Peaches Secret – Can you guess what it is?

Pattern: Jean Greenhowe’s Little Gift Dolls

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