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Here comes Plucky! February 4, 2013

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Plucky the Turkey comes out to play
Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

He went on vacation around September
And didn’t come back till late late December

He was hiding from Humans during this time
Avoiding all grocery stores with people shouting, “Mine!”

Plucky might be delicious but no one will ever know
When it’s near that time on the calender he will just pack and go!



Pattern for Turkey: From the shoulders down the pattern is exactly like the Penguin in Jean Greenhowe’s design. From the neck up, I was knitting and just going with the flow. Unfortunately I didn’t record my work and I probably won’t be able to recreate the exact same head the next time I do it :(. *sigh*

Pattern for Pumpkin: Autumn Pumpkins by Jan Lewis (on

Special Thanks to Belinda for the lovely photos: Like her on Facebook!


Plucky 1Plucky 2Plucky 3Plucky 5Plucky 6Plucky 4


30 Responses to “Here comes Plucky!”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Very sweet! I had checked in and noticed that you had taken a break. Welcome back! Your little creations are always so lovely…so cute!

    • Thank you for checking in! I was going through a career change and it was quite stressful at that time, but things should be more stable now :) Thank you for your support and love :)

  2. lollyknits Says:

    So cute!!!! I really like his little button.

  3. How adorable and how sensible of him to take some off. Perhaps this year you could send him to Australia with us. He will be safe here as we don’t have Thankyou Day and he could play with all the Aussie amigurumis. Welcome back

  4. Look at him! He’s sooooooo cute! How can anyone want to eat him??! =D

  5. frannington Says:

    So adorable! It looks like something out of the Chicken Run film. :)

  6. cleo14 Says:

    He’s so cute and I agree with frannintgon.

  7. Lisa Says:

    I absolutely love your turkey! He’s so cute! I especially love the “100% stuffed! What a great touch!! Hugz, Lisa

  8. That is so adorable! My knitted creatures never look as good or professional as that! Well done you :-)

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! I am very picky and particular when it comes to seaming and will do it over and over again until it looks right. Thank you for noticing the details :) :) :)

  9. […] I just love Plucky by crayons and milk […]

  10. sugaredpecan Says:

    Adorable and a smart Plucky!

  11. Marie-Adeline Says:


  12. Plucky the turkey is so cute! And I love the way you styled the photo! Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)

  13. Awe, so cute! … may Plucky always be lucky! Missed your knit stories and glad to see you’re back ❤

  14. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award :) Thanks for sharing your yarn loveliness with the blogosphere :)

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