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Evelyn August 25, 2012

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During this summer, I have been teaching my coworker’s daugher, Evelyn, how to knit. We meet once a week and early this week, she completed her first ever knitted toy! Below is an image of Quacky (which she named herself).

(Quacky didn’t quite get the memo that it’s summertime)

I am so proud of her and her accomplishments especially because she has never learned how to knit before. She is so dedicated, patient, and hardworking. I am just so grateful to have such a wonderful student. Evelyn is also my one and only student but she is the best!


Pattern: Jean Greenhowe’s “The Duck Family”


My approach to teaching Evelyn how to knit?

1. Long-tail cast on
2. The knit stitch
3. The purl stitch
4. Increasing  (kfb and pfb)
5. Decreasing (k2tog and p2tog)
6. Cast off (k wise)
7. Reading patterns (understanding the vocab, g-st, st-st, yarn (yo), b + t)
8. Circular knitting

Have any of you folks taught anyone how to knit before? I would love any advice or suggestions! :) 

Below are photos by Stringrain (Evelyn’s mommy) – She is also a fabulous photographer!


Loo Lu’s Date Was Not Late August 13, 2012

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It is Lennie and Loo Lu’s first date!
Lennie takes Loo Lu to his favourite flexy fence
He shows off and climbs upside down
Loo Lu was impressed by Lennie’s climbing skills


They talk about important issues side by side
Topics like monkey bars, banana muffin, and human DNA
When their arms started to get numb, they decided to go cloud watching


Lennie tells Loo Lu the sky is blue because God stepped on a blueberry
Loo Lu was impressed by Lennie’s knowledge
Their date ended quickly when Lennie was trying to show Loo Lu how to fly off a tree trunk
Lennie got hurt and Loo Lu had to take care of him for the rest of the day



(That was exactly what Lennie wanted)


Pattern: Body/Head/Arms/Legs/Ears: Jean Greenhowe’s Puss in the Boots
Pattern: Muzzle and Eye Piece: Sarah Keen


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Peekaboo August 9, 2012

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Hi everyone!!

I really wanted to take some pictures of my finished project today but it is so cloudy outside with a chance of meatballs!  :( It might be raining elephants as well….

I took a quick snapshot below to keep it mysterious. Can you guess what it is?



Hoot Listened in Class August 2, 2012

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Hoot’s dream is to become one of Harry Potter’s owl
He studied really hard and earned his diploma in Worldology

Hoot is wise, has a great sense of direction and flies really fast
During his POST exam, Hoot delivered a letter in three seconds

As quoted by Hoot, “I can deliver mail faster than you can click your mouse”

Hoot is currently working for a group of shady pigeons and hopes to achieve his dream one day.

Pattern: Jean Greenhowe’s Knitted Animals


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