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Gallery June 3, 2012

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Knitted CamerasPlucky the Knitted TurkeyHiccup 10

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59 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. P. Taylor Says:

    I like your work! It is cheerful and happy. It must be the kid in me wanting to get out. :)

  2. Nat Says:

    You have such a cute blog! :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, you do fantastic work, so cute.

  4. Hi
    Please tell me you have an etsy shop I need these wonderful creations!

    • Hahaha Unfortunately, I don’t have an Etsy shop because I’m not sure if i’m allowed to sell these. The toys I make are based on patterns that were created by someone else. Hence I’m not too sure about the legal aspects and such. But thank you for your interest in my toys! I’m learning something new everyday when I’m making these stuffies and hopefully one day I’ll be able to write out my own professional patterns and then sell my knitted toys as well!

  5. rani-amanda Says:

    Love them all ^_^

  6. Thanks for liking my finished project post– love your projects! I’ve never knit any toys, maybe I should try!

  7. ddlollybabe Says:

    damm!! im fallin in love wif ur handmade… wish i could b like u..

  8. Happily Heather Says:

    Your toys are wonderful! Very happy and cute! Definitely made me smile!

    • Thank you!!! Will you knit some toys as well? :D

      • Happily Heather Says:

        Well, not knitted. I’m actually not a great knitter. I do my projects with needle felting techniques from raw wool roving rather than yarn. But yes, although I haven’t really tried any toys yet I could really get into the positive energy these toys give off. Thanks for the inspiration and the smiles of course :)

    • Aww thank you for your reply! I had to google/youtube needle felting and it’s actually quite neat!!! I beat you’ve stabbed yourself many times with the needle like I have with knitting needles!

  9. Shireen Says:

    thanks for visiting my blog! yours is so cute! you are super creative!

  10. abnerdowahdoo Says:

    I love love love your work! you have so much talent!

  11. Ingenious! Also funny because they’re sedate–you must have learned loads from Brits and their dry comedy! The penguin made me wanna snuggle.

  12. Allie Says:

    Loving your fun creations, so cute!! I believe if you tweak each pattern a bit to make it your own, you could legally sell. All designers are inspired by another’s design. Anyway, great job :)

  13. These are fabulous!

  14. These are the most adorable creations I’ve ever seen. Great workmanship and skill!

  15. 2 Witches in a Box Says:

    WOW! My eyes just popped out! So much beautiful colour and such lovely creations! they are fabulous!!!

  16. nanacathy Says:

    These are just gorgeous and I so love the apples!

  17. nanacathy Says:

    PS It is 9.50am in the UK- I am not the night owl !

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, thanks for liking my post. You have so much talent – I love the Christmas themed ones, they are wayyy cute!

  19. iwonderbee Says:

    Oops sorry, the last commenter was me, iwonderbee. Forgot to put in my details. :-p

  20. seascapesaus Says:

    These are delightful little creatures! congratulations on your exquisite work. Every little piece has so much character. thanks also for your recent visit.

  21. Beautiful, creative, whimsical …

  22. […] Crayons and Milk blogger is so talented with her knitting, that I want to collect every piece of her knits.  She has lots of humour too.   Take a look at her wonderful gallery, and I think you will smile from your heart. […]

  23. Great knitting. Everyone no matter their age love knitted toys!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Very cute, the penguin in particular caught my attention

  25. ziredesigns Says:

    It’s all so cute well done x

  26. silva333 Says:

    I like your work very much!

  27. Sanae Says:

    Your creations are SOOOOO cute!!!! Also your pictures and dog are super cute!! Love them. :)

  28. Wow this is an amazing blog I feel so excited looking at all your creations. I wish I was as talented as you xx

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