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Here comes Plucky! February 4, 2013

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Plucky the Turkey comes out to play
Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

He went on vacation around September
And didn’t come back till late late December

He was hiding from Humans during this time
Avoiding all grocery stores with people shouting, “Mine!”

Plucky might be delicious but no one will ever know
When it’s near that time on the calender he will just pack and go!



Pattern for Turkey: From the shoulders down the pattern is exactly like the Penguin in Jean Greenhowe’s design. From the neck up, I was knitting and just going with the flow. Unfortunately I didn’t record my work and I probably won’t be able to recreate the exact same head the next time I do it :(. *sigh*

Pattern for Pumpkin: Autumn Pumpkins by Jan Lewis (on

Special Thanks to Belinda for the lovely photos: Like her on Facebook!


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