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The Rumors are True October 11, 2012

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There has been whispers on WordPress about the photos on my blog.
Yes, the rumors are all true!  My crazy and fluffy little dog, Teddie, takes all the creative photos on my blog!!!  *Hangs head in shame*

Teddie is such an amazing photographer and I didn’t want to share this secret with anyone but I couldn’t hide it anymore.

He has artistic eyes (when his fur are not covering his eyes) but is often distracted by smells (especially the smells near fire hydrants and at the base of tall trees)

In these photos, Teddie is sporting the latest camera gears: KnitKon D800 (Yellow/Orange), KnitKon D900S (Greay/Black), and Knitnon SLR 43X (Blue/Green). These are highly expensive cameras that even I’m not allowed to touch them!

PatternGodfrey Gadabout’s Camera (Jean Greenhowe)

Dog Breed: Toy/Mini Poodle
Age/Weight: 3 years old/ 11 lbs
Teddie’s Daddy: Cafe
Teddie’s Mommy: Mocha



A cute photo of Pilar sporting one of Teddie’s camera



Loo Lu’s Date Was Not Late August 13, 2012

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It is Lennie and Loo Lu’s first date!
Lennie takes Loo Lu to his favourite flexy fence
He shows off and climbs upside down
Loo Lu was impressed by Lennie’s climbing skills


They talk about important issues side by side
Topics like monkey bars, banana muffin, and human DNA
When their arms started to get numb, they decided to go cloud watching


Lennie tells Loo Lu the sky is blue because God stepped on a blueberry
Loo Lu was impressed by Lennie’s knowledge
Their date ended quickly when Lennie was trying to show Loo Lu how to fly off a tree trunk
Lennie got hurt and Loo Lu had to take care of him for the rest of the day



(That was exactly what Lennie wanted)


Pattern: Body/Head/Arms/Legs/Ears: Jean Greenhowe’s Puss in the Boots
Pattern: Muzzle and Eye Piece: Sarah Keen


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Flight of the BumbleBees June 21, 2012

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Ten little bees who love to sing,
Hitting notes so high, you can feel the sting

First, they practice reading music notes
Then they start to warm up their tiny throats

They love the sound of the classic guitar
And dreams one day to bee a buzzing rock star

You see, my ten little bees love to sing
I rather they do that, then give me a mighty sting!

Pattern: Chem Knits


Meet Lionel May 30, 2012

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Meet Lionel the lion! He is 24 cms tall but wants to grow just a little bit more. He makes little rawrs whenever he yawns and has a red heart filled with love and happiness. Lionel also loves to tan; hence, his golden yellow tone! During his Kit Kat breaks, Lionel combs his luscious mane and look up to the sky because he enjoys analyzing the crazy coo coo clouds.

Have a question for Lionel? Comment below! :)

Pattern: Lion Brand Yarn #90696AD (Little Lion Sock Critter)

Little Red Heart Pattern:


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