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Clown Fish in the Water swaps lives with Little Sheep in the Forest July 5, 2012

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Early this last month, Lindsay from Handmade By Lindsay suggested that we do a craft swap! A craft swap is where two people exchange their handmade crafts. I became very interested in the idea and quickly decided that I wanted to knit a clown fish floating in some bubbly water. My clown fish lacks a few fins but I still think it’s rather cute!


After writing the post on Maggie, I received Lindsay’s craft the very next day and I was so excited when I opened the package. It was a sheep with a sign that says, “Knitting”!! The sheep is SOOOOO adorable and is very very well made! So much detail was put into it from the adorable expression on the sheep to all the little white balls on the body, and finally the lovely red heart sign to top it off! Let’s just say that Maggie was very pleased to have a new friend sit beside her while she knits! I really enjoyed this experience because we both didn’t tell each other what we were going to send. The little sheep is perfect and thanks again Lindsay! :)


Pattern: 75 Seashells, Fish, Coral & Colorful Marine Life by Jessica Polka


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