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Itchy’s Game October 5, 2012

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Alligator Itchy is his name
He wants to share with you his little game

To play, Itchy will first hide in a pile of leaves
He’ll pretend to get lost and make you believe

Then when you are not aware
He’ll pop out and give you quite a scare

Depending if he’s hungry or full
He might just nudge you or turn you into wool

He is now ready to play with his owner, Peach 
Does he fail or does he succeed?



Pattern: KnitWit by Katie Boyette 

*I noticed some errors in the pattern when the stitches didn’t quite add up. The changes I made to the pattern are shown below in bold.



Top of Head
Row 26: P9, p2tog, p2, p2tog, p9 (22 sts)
Row 27: K8, k2tog, k2, ssk, k8 (20 sts)
Row 28: P7, p2tog, p2, p2tog, p7 (18 sts)
Row 29: K6, k2tog, k2, ssk, k6 (16 sts)

With wrong sides held together, join jaws and begin body:

Round 10: K2, k2tog, k8, ssk, k4, k2tog, k6, ssk, k2 (26 sts)




49 Responses to “Itchy’s Game”

  1. Melissa G Says:

    He is too cute. Does your alligator have manors? :)

    • YAY!!!! I’m glad he turned out because I had just enough yarn for his body and mouth. His feet are a different colour because I couldn’t find the body coloured yarn anywhere!!! It’s like they suddenly discontinued that colour !

      • Lori Says:

        Probably! lol I am finding when I need a certain color, that is the day the bins are empty. Can be very frustrating if you have a plan. ;) But he is adorable. Do you make pigs?

    • Hi Lori!! It’s been such a long time but I am now getting through all the unread messages :) My very good friend LOVES pigs and I do want to make one but I haven’t found that right tone of pink yet!!! Do you love pigs as well? According to the Chinese Zodiac, my sign is a Pig =p

  2. Lisa Says:

    Ahh they are so cute! I love that they are out enjoying nature!!

  3. catzikay Says:

    Best friends forever! Itchy’s little feet are adorable!

  4. So cute! Did you write the poem, too?

  5. Vicki Says:

    He is cute. TFS. Love how you get great snaps of your projects having fun!

    • Thank you!!! The day I took pictures of Itchy was so random! It was cloudy and dark and raining a bit, then the sun came out and the sky was clear but then the rain was spitting… after a few minutes the rain spitting stopped and it was super sunny again! It drove me crazy!!!!!!

  6. Purrrfect for my 12 yo. He is in love with all the dangerous animals!! I made turtles for dad and the twins, but a gator would do my oldest just fine!

    • Awwwwwww the knitted alligator is a good size too!!! It’s about the size from your elbow to the palm of your hand! I have a dinosaur pattern that I want to try out in the future! I haven’t found the right colours but I hope to get to it soon! :)

  7. Momma Mindy Says:

    Oh my goodness, you are amazing! I’m so glad you stopped by and LIKED my blog. You should go back and leave a comment so other readers will come to your blog. If any people want to knit, they would LOVE what you are doing. My fave is def the monkeys….love me some monkeys. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. knitneedlez Says:

    Aaahhh! He is sooo adorable. I just love all the toys you make.

  9. I do hope Itchy plays nicely with Peach, they are so cute.

  10. kalfury Says:

    Wow, as usual you amaze me with your talents, fantastic Alligator, amazing pics and a great imagination. Your posts always brighten my day X

  11. Patty Says:

    I totally agree with Kalfury. You have amazing talents! I adore the aligator, which I thought to be a toxic caterpillar, and his life story. In fact, with your permission, I’d like to use it to play a game with my kindergarten kids. Is it ok?

    • Oh yes! Of course you can use it with your kindergarten kids! :) It’s interesting how this blog turned out because originally, I was going to make this a teaching blog so others can use it as a resource. I’m not an actual teacher, but I graduated from Teachers College a couple of years ago and was planning to blog about my experiences and challenges. So when I read your comment, I’m just so happy!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Itchy is a real cutie. Way to go!

  13. anastasiamw Says:

    I always like coming to your blog because you always have the cutest things! He’s just adorable.

  14. what pretty pictures of Itchy and Peach! I hope Itchy didn’t bite Peach too hard in one of the photos

  15. You are a seriously talented lady! Love all the knitted creatures I have seen on here!

  16. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog!
    Your puppy is very creative!!! I’m impressed…

  17. I really like your photo composition. Your shots are totally cool. As is your knitted people and animals….don’t know if I should say t-o-y-s out loud ;-)


  18. mouthfulofwords Says:

    Hi, just dropped by to check it out, and wow, you’re quite handy with those knitting needles!!! I must admit I am currently knitting my first scarf, actually a seed pattern greyish cowl… can you tell my very first. It was actually something I had wanted to attempt and learn for a very long time, and it will soon be completed, mistakes and all.

    • HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This reply is SOOo late that I bet you finished the cowl already!!! If you have pictures please send me a link! :) I’d love to see it :) :) :) <3

      • mouthfulofwords Says:

        I did finish it, and I will post a pic just for you. Although fun to make, it really was too thick, and I didn’t like wearing it so unfortunately that was a bust, but will attempt another go, eventually …;)

  19. ddlollybabe Says:

    I nominated you for a fun award please check it out at Congrats!!

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