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Peach has a Secret September 6, 2012

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Peach loves to play at the park
But most of the time, she gets herself stuck
She loves animals and owns many unique and questionable pets
Butterflies, snakes, bugs, and even ducks

Peach has one pet that she particularly loves
It’s limey green with a  yellow spiky spine
This pet is very different from all the other animals
You do not want to hang around it when he needs to dine

Peaches Secret – Can you guess what it is?

Pattern: Jean Greenhowe’s Little Gift Dolls

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62 Responses to “Peach has a Secret”

  1. Dragon? Peaches is so cute

  2. Love. Now that I’ve seen one of your creations for real, I so appreciate the work you do! Delightful!

  3. Peach is adorable. And I would also guess a dragon or a caterpillar. :)

  4. Vicki Says:

    So cute. Is Peaches pet some type of reptile?

  5. Very cute toys. Thanks for visiting me.

  6. Your photos are so clever and adorable. Love your blog.

  7. Peaches is so pretty!! Is her secret pet a giant worm with razor sharp teeth???

  8. Anonymous Says:

    your blog is delightful! thanks for dropping in to mine and saying hi! I wish i could knit like you. I have a pair of knee high socks i started last winter (my first go after scarves and beanies) and i am 1 2/3 finished but haven’t picked up my needles since last year!

    • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, the comment says it’s by “anonymous” so I hope you will get this msg. It is hard to knit repetitively! I have an unfinished scarf that I have touched in months! I tend to work on multiple projects at one time and then go back to the scarf once a while. Good luck on the scarf! I hope this blog will motivate you to keep on knitting!!! HAPPY KNITTING!!! :) :) :)

  9. Pia Says:

    All these toys are so cute I nearly wish I had kids as an excuse to get some!

  10. I love these little stories! The photos are great!

  11. millie on her world Says:

    Peach is too darn cute!! I’m going to guess her secret is a ferocious dinosaur :D

  12. Patty Says:

    Peach is adorable and her pet, I guess,is a caterpillar, a toxic caterpillar.

  13. Julia M. Says:

    I love both. And I’ll go for alligator/crocodile … ;)

  14. kalfury Says:

    I love peach and I really love your imagination. I really look forward to your blog, it cheers up my day. I hope Peach was supervised at the playground though!

  15. ddlollybabe Says:

    love!! ur photography is awesome same as ur handmade.. its really inspired <3

  16. Oh my goodness–sooooo cute! I love the little reptile…I’m guessing crocodile :)

    This just brightens up my day!

  17. catzikay Says:

    Peach is such a cutie! Her pet is a dinosaur or weird snake maybe.

  18. knitneedlez Says:

    Peach’s pet reminds me of the grumpasauruses that I made for Little Man. :D

  19. wow your work is so cute!
    what do you do when your not
    making such cute dollies?

  20. Marie-Adeline Says:


  21. Kimberley Chung Says:

    I love your blog! It makes me smile with all the creative writing and awesome picture :D

  22. I love this happy blog! I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. If you’d like more info, just pop over to that site to pick it up!

  23. Peaches is lovely, your photos are really fun too. I love looking through your blog.
    I am going on holiday on Monday but am taking the computer so will patiently await Peaches surprise in your next post!

  24. Lisa Says:

    Dear Crayons – I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Check out my blog to see the posting! Hugz Lisa

  25. EmmaK Says:

    I think Peaches is so cute! Well done

  26. […] is now ready to play with his owner, Peach  Does he fail or does he […]

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