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Loo Lu’s Date Was Not Late August 13, 2012

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It is Lennie and Loo Lu’s first date!
Lennie takes Loo Lu to his favourite flexy fence
He shows off and climbs upside down
Loo Lu was impressed by Lennie’s climbing skills


They talk about important issues side by side
Topics like monkey bars, banana muffin, and human DNA
When their arms started to get numb, they decided to go cloud watching


Lennie tells Loo Lu the sky is blue because God stepped on a blueberry
Loo Lu was impressed by Lennie’s knowledge
Their date ended quickly when Lennie was trying to show Loo Lu how to fly off a tree trunk
Lennie got hurt and Loo Lu had to take care of him for the rest of the day



(That was exactly what Lennie wanted)


Pattern: Body/Head/Arms/Legs/Ears: Jean Greenhowe’s Puss in the Boots
Pattern: Muzzle and Eye Piece: Sarah Keen


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74 Responses to “Loo Lu’s Date Was Not Late”

  1. Lori Says:

    That is the cutest story ever! I hope Lenny will recover slowly from his injuries, so Loo Lu can take care of him longer.

  2. nonoymanga Says:

    Fun read, very cute images!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  3. 50,000 stitches Says:

    What adorable pictures!

  4. I love the story and the photo of Lennie and Loo Lu lying on the grass =D Thank you for making my Tuesday brighter!! *kisses for Lennie and Loo Lu*

  5. Love your story telling! Makes me smile from my heart!

  6. Lenny and Loo Lu are so cute! TFS.

  7. Julia M. Says:

    I love them. Especially the blue T-Shirt, it’s so cute! :)

  8. These are so cute! I love them!

  9. Patty Says:

    Loo Lu and Lennie are very, very cute, but their story makes them sooooo special! Loo ve it!

  10. Jen Says:

    Very cute! I love Loo Lu’s little red dress :D creative little poem, too!

  11. Jenny Says:

    Squeeeeeeeee I love it!!

  12. Fantastic! I just love them.

  13. nanacathy2 Says:

    Lovely blog and I too love the photo of them looking at the sky! Hope he doesn’t get man flu now!

  14. They are so cute! Loving all your posts about your creations’ stories!!

  15. stepsbyn Says:

    so cute i could die! thanks for being my first follower. im still learning how to blog successfully n im loving it. N :)

  16. alicecarman Says:

    Love these monkeys!!! I wish I had one.

  17. WOW, these are sooooooooooooooooooo cute msA, really lovely and loved the story behind it :) :)

  18. Angela Branon Says:

    These are adorable. Your work is amazing.

  19. Victoria Says:

    Such a cute story…and great creativity! I do hope all inuries have since been mended!

  20. Adorable! I love the story and the characters are ridiculously cute!

  21. yengy Says:

    How adorable!!!!!! Love it all!!

  22. grimdreamer Says:

    I like Lennie’s explanation for why the sky is blue! He’s a bit naughty in photo 3, though :)

  23. alexbks65 Says:

    I love you’re dolls! They look marvelous

  24. Cathy G Says:

    Sounds like Loo Lu and Lennie had quite an adventure! They’re adorable, too! :)

  25. yarnbomb Says:

    These are great! They would make a great animation!

  26. The monkeys are so cute and the story fabulous! You have a talent for writing.

  27. ddlollybabe Says:

    great work!! u always comes out wif a gud work n awesome it!!

  28. Sophy Says:

    You are such an inspiration!

  29. kalfury Says:

    This is adorable and just the sort of thing I would do if I could find the time, you make me giggle X

  30. Awe… another yarn tale about your cute knits :)

  31. I love this blog!!! I’m going to follow you. And thanks so much for liking my blog post! I can only aspire to knit as well as you!

  32. These are so incredibly cute. And pretty talented acrobats too! :)

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