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Hoot Listened in Class August 2, 2012

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Hoot’s dream is to become one of Harry Potter’s owl
He studied really hard and earned his diploma in Worldology

Hoot is wise, has a great sense of direction and flies really fast
During his POST exam, Hoot delivered a letter in three seconds

As quoted by Hoot, “I can deliver mail faster than you can click your mouse”

Hoot is currently working for a group of shady pigeons and hopes to achieve his dream one day.

Pattern: Jean Greenhowe’s Knitted Animals


39 Responses to “Hoot Listened in Class”

  1. Julia M. Says:

    I’m pretty sure, Hoot could get a GREAT job at UPS … :)
    I love him. Espexially his trousers. :)

  2. kayebee Says:

    I love hoot, he’s adorable, and I really like his backstory. Working with shady pigeons, lol. that’s funny :) I’m sure any student from hogwarts would love to have hoot.

    • hahahahha I was thinking about what other animals deliver stuff and thought about letter pigeons =p I’m glad you found it funny tho!!! I try to be funny, but sometimes only I laugh =p

  3. Lisa Says:

    That was a “Hoot!!” hurray for Hoot! He’s adorable!!! Hugz Blondie and Bear

  4. Patty Says:

    Hoot is good looking and clever. What more could a wise wizard wish for? ;-)

  5. kydel Says:

    I think Hoot might have had a few too many drinks at the graduation party with some of those pictures of him keeling over or standing on his head!
    He is adorable! I’m sure Harry would be happy to have him by his side.

  6. Hoot, you’re a cutie! *hoot hoot!* =D

  7. I love the picture of Hoot on his head! ( I also love his mortar board and scroll as I recently graduated too!).

  8. OMG – he’s so cute!

  9. sandiart Says:

    Oh dare I say it…..Hoot is cute. I made me laugh!!!
    xx Sandi

  10. grimdreamer Says:

    I like the picture where he’s upside down! That’s him in a nutshell ;)

  11. Maryanne Says:

    L.O.V.E it!!!!!!

  12. kalfury Says:

    Oh Hoot is so cute, I think Harry would have been proud to have him as his owl. I fancy having a go at some of Jean Greenhowe’s patterns but wonder how easy they are to put together once knitted?

    • OHHHh Jean Greenhowe’s patterns are nice because the instructions are SOOO detailed! It does take a while to put all the pieces together but very satisfying at the same time! I love knitting in rounds so I always read through her patterns first and then decide if knitting in a round is possible or not and usually it is. I do this to avoid purling and to avoid all the seeming at the end! Good luck!!!

  13. So cute and great photos! I have some sewing patterns for owls, and that’s really inspired me.

  14. roxyboots Says:

    That made me smile! Love the character you have built up around him, and he is adorable!

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