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Funny Mondays – Cute Doggy July 23, 2012

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11 Responses to “Funny Mondays – Cute Doggy”

  1. Lisa Says:

    What an adorable pooch!!!

  2. vanetua Says:


    • At first when I saw this picture I didn’t quite get it, then I made the connection between the yarn beside the doggy hahaha it took me a while to get the joke, but i’m glad you found it funny as well :D

  3. kebbycrafts Says:

    LOL. Sometimes when I say lol, I really just felt like laughing, but didn’t actually laugh out loud. For this, though, I truly did laugh out loud. Thanks for posting this. It’s great!

  4. Craft Bay Says:

    So, will you?

  5. T J Says:

    Gorgeous! Love the colours.

  6. LOL! That is too cute. Love it.

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