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Kiwi is not a Fruit July 20, 2012

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Kiwi is strange
He likes to sleep in the bookshelf
And loves to hide behind the books

Kiwi is adventurous
He claimed his first batch of coal in 2 minutes!
That was random…. I don’t know what he will do with it

Kiwi is intrigued by plants
He tries to practice climbing
and ponders about life

Kiwi is not a fruit.

Pattern: Jean Greenhowe’s Knitted Animals 


62 Responses to “Kiwi is not a Fruit”

  1. Way to cute!!!
    I don’t normally like Koala’s but yours is an exception to the rule!
    He is adorable!!!
    Well done
    Clever you!

  2. Mondrak Says:

    There was a baby seagull last year that had fallen off the roof and landed on next door’s balcony. Because of what he (or she) looked like, we named her her (or him) Kiwi.

    Your Kiwi is cute :-D

  3. sew nice Says:

    Kiwi is lovely!

  4. How cute!!! *hands Kiwi a branch of eucalyptus leaves* Well Kiwi…here’s a suggestion – sell your coal and make some $$ out of it…that way, you can buy a REALLY BIG bookshelf to sleep in and LOTS of books to hide behind =P

  5. Those frilly ears are adorable. So cute!

  6. Kiwi looks really fun!I love the way you pictured his exploring activities :)

  7. So cute! Wish I had kids. I’d totallybe reading this out loud to them!

  8. Jennie Says:

    too cute! I love Koala bears!

  9. jule Says:

    Kiwi is cool!

  10. sara in wi Says:

    I want a Kiwi….

  11. I love Kiwi – this NOSE …! I was swooning earlier this day when I saw your beautiful photos …. and now I’m composed again to actually tell you this. ;)

    By the way – I haven’t told you that I always love your photos! They are so beautiful – and you award you little friends with so much personality! This is truly a skill not found very often.

  12. bayleesworld Says:

    Aw, kiwi is so cute! :) thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. so very cute! Bravo!

  14. Lisa Says:

    Kiwi is adorable!!! I love him!!! Hugz Blondie

  15. Kiwi is so cute! Love the way he’s peeping out behind the books :)

  16. ordinarygood Says:

    I love your knitting, always so neat and tidy and you stitch such lovely faces. I am a Kiwi, living in New Zealand so I know kiwis. This fellow is a Koala, from Australia, one of our “cousins” from across the sea:-)

  17. Melissa G Says:

    Kiwi may not be a fruit but he sure is cute!! Thanks for sharing this little guy!!

  18. Maryanne Says:

    Too tooo tooooooooo deliciously gorgeous x!

  19. Awww Kiwi is adorable.

  20. G’day Kiwi! Love that this little koala is bridging the gap between Australia and New Zealand! I love koalas, but have never seen one in the wild… which I assume will be less likely the more endangered the little guys become. Maybe I should poke my head around my bookshelf… I could be surprised! ;P

  21. knitadream Says:

    That is so cute ^o^

  22. Thanks for liking my post! Your knitting is fantastic. All the best with creating your own toys from Simple Cherishes

  23. rosgadini Says:

    I love this… :) I nominated you for the “one lovely blog award”. Keep up the good work :)

  24. Kalina Says:

    funny pictures!

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