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Maggie Knits Herself a Boyfriend June 28, 2012

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Maggie the sheep loves to knit. She enjoys taking her little patch of luscious green grass everywhere. Her favourite flavour of ice cream is Vanilla because when it drips, the ice cream doesn’t get all over her nice white coat. So you may be wondering where Maggie goes to buy wool… well I don’t know but she always has three bags full.

Pattern: Spud & Chloe at the Farm by Susan B. Anderson 


59 Responses to “Maggie Knits Herself a Boyfriend”

  1. Kathryn Rubidoux Says:

    If only it was so easy! So cute, nice photos too.

  2. Victoria Says:

    So darling! I love Maggie! I am partial to little Lambs! I call one of my daughters Lambily (Her name is Emily and she is as sweet as a Lamb). You are so clever! Can’t wait to see how Maggie’s boyfriend turns out. I hope he is everything she is dreaming of!

    • Thank you!!!! I took forever to come up with the name Maggie, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name LAMBILY!!! I wish I came up with that name instead! If Maggie doesn’t like her boyfriend, she can always pull the string while he’s sleeping hahaha

  3. kydel Says:

    Oh my God! I Love her! I am lying in my bed about to set the alarm on my phone for the morning but couldn’t resist to read your post after I saw the title!
    Looky how cute she is! I love her little patch of grass and tuft of hair on her head!
    I hope her new boyfriend loves her even more than I do :D

    • awwww thank you again for your awesome comment!!!! I wish I was able to capture all the sparkles in the yarn (her body actually glitters in the sunlight!), but it was too hard =p Oh, i’m sure her new boyfriend would love her, she’s perfect!!

  4. I just love her, and HE will be just as delicious, no doubt! Well done, thanks for sharing!

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  6. Sooo cute & fluffy!! I love how you made a little story with her. Although Maggie has the right idea to make a custom boyfriend;)

  7. bubblegirlout Says:

    Grand idea!! and adorable little “boyfriend” … will create my own version of my boyfriend, since I am lacking the real thing … mmm should I make an angel or a little devil **giggles**

  8. Laura Says:

    So well done and such a good post! I love Maggie !!!! I love the “knits a boyfriend” that made me laugh. Oh if it was that easy…… ;)

  9. mrsdeboots Says:

    I love this..your work is always so perfectly executed and adorable! You are a very big inspiration!!

  10. I’d say … Are the patterns for other specimen, too ….? ;-)

    • I quite like the book for where this pattern came from! There’s a pattern in the book for a cat, dog, cow, piglets, chicken, and mice!!! I haven’t tried, but I’m sure you can use the sheep’s head for another animal, like making longer ears so it looks like a bunny! :D

      • That sounds so great! A couple of days ago, I picked up a book with instructions for knitted toys and stuffed animals in the local library – but they looked aweful. I’ll definitely have a look at that book now! :)

      • The book also tells a story which is really cute!! I’m sure the library would have it!! :D

      • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh I love it when you get something like this!!! :) :) :)

        but I am afraid, they won’t have it in our library – we only have a small section for English books, and it is all literature, no crafting books. ;) But I’ll search online for it for sure :)

      • awwww good luck finding the book!!!!

  11. I just want to jump into the computer and grab her! Clever you! How talented you are!

  12. SideCapers Macrame Says:

    Very Nice

  13. shelleyjomoozings Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your visits.
    I finally figured out how to find you from gravatar. lol!
    This is a sweet little site and I enjoyed your post very much. I will be back!

  14. oh…superlike!! The little bit of knitting on her needles is absolutely adorable! Well of course Maggie is really adorable too =)

  15. yarnbomb Says:

    What a lovely little lady. cutest sheep ever. genius

  16. brittsmitten Says:

    Hilarious! Tell Maggie to be sure to knit one that puts the seat down. :)

    You are so talented!

  17. hipoptimist Says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve never tried knitting toys but you are inspiring me!

  18. Maryanne Says:

    If only!!!! Yours posts are heartbreakingly beautiful – a real feast!!! Awesome awesome xxx

    ps…come on over and enter our Made It challenge!

  19. Aww how cute!! And yay, I finally have a buddy on the ‘made it’ challenge! I’ve been the only person there for a while, its nice to see someone else! :D

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  21. Krystle C. Says:

    Adorable, and just the cutest story to go with it! Lovely pictures too – what sort of camera do you use?

    Although, Maggie ought to be a black sheep to go with the nursery rhyme, no? (She’s perfect the way she is, though!)

    • Thank you!! i’m using the Nikon D300 :) I thought about knitting a black sheep but didn’t know what colour to use for the eyes so I ended up going for all white :D Thank you again for your comment!

  22. mpmckibbon Says:

    I do love your animals, especially the sheep and the lion.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Your dolls are amazing!

  24. x6epracomartin1988 Says:

    Reblogged this on Tony Wesley Journal and commented:

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