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Funny Mondays – What your yarn stash is trying to tell you June 25, 2012

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35 Responses to “Funny Mondays – What your yarn stash is trying to tell you”

  1. craftlyn Says:

    This just made me laugh outloud…

  2. thats my yarn corner…. :)

  3. Slowerpoke Says:

    Yep, that’s me.

    Thanks, i needed a laugh today.

  4. Jennie Says:

    not so much my small yarn stash, but definitely what my fabric stash is like….for some reason, at some point in time I ended up buying about 15 yards of solid black fabric, all I can think is it must have been some amazing sale I bought it at

  5. Victoria Says:

    And if you can’t find the right project…I know where you can donate some squares (knit or crochet) for victims of tornadoes…hey….it’s helping me make good use of misc. yarn piles! :) Cute post!

  6. jenyjenny Says:

    Yup, yup! I know full well! I finally tallied up a few projects I am going to force myself to do, and noted on my phone what needles I need to buy and possible additional yarn that I don’t have stashed. 5 possible projects. I’ve started on one and got one coming up, and for those and the future 3 more, I’ve had to buy so far, 4 circular needles, and 4 skeins of yarn. When I already have an overflowing box of circular needles and several (!) overflowing boxes of yarn.

  7. procoffeeov Says:

    Too funny. And ::too:: true!

  8. SideCapers Macrame Says:

    Yarn, fabric, macrame cord, clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgets…………

  9. This is so true! Hope you manage to use your stash up on great project ideas.

  10. malanela Says:

    Exactly my situation! Just with fabrics.

  11. […] Thanks to an inspiring post from another blogger called crayons and milk, I decided to catalog my yarn stash. I made up a […]

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