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Tweet Tweet Tweet June 7, 2012

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The birdies wait for each other in the parking lot
They have fun dangling on the fence
Taking photos with Lionel the lion
That was sure intense!


Pattern: Found in the book, Knitted Toys by Sharon Welch


56 Responses to “Tweet Tweet Tweet”

  1. Reblogged this on mentallicblog and commented:
    So So cute, I love little things!

  2. These are adorable!! <3

    • Thank you! There was a pattern for a robin in the book as well, but I just stuck with the blue birds and made up a random crazy yellow one hahhaa

      • I think the blue and yellow go really well! I love the creativity of your pictures too :)
        I’m only just learning how to knit, so far I can only do squares and rectangles!

      • YAY!!! Welcome to knitting!!! No worries, If you can knit and purl, you’l be amazed at what you can create and all the possibilities!! I’ve never learned how to read patterns but I saw Jean Greenhowe’s book, I was determined to knit the little Christmas ornament!s Knitting takes a lot of patience and I know you have that already! :D

      • I can read written patterns, but I haven’t learnt how to read graphs yet. They look so confusing! Knitting does take a lot of patience doesn’t it? I don’t feel very patient but my partner thinks I have loads of patience so maybe I’m wrong! I can knit and purl, but I only have one pair of needles, don’t I need circular ones? Or double pointed?

      • When I knit in rounds, I just use 4 double-pointed needles :D A few days again, I purchased my first circular knitting needle! I don’t know what to do with it yet tho =p It feels foreign to me hahaha

      • Ahh okay, well I’ll need to get some double pointed ones then! The circular needles do look strange and confusing, but at the same time I like the idea! The double pointed ones are sort of scary! And I’d probably stab myself a lot, haha!

      • Oh, I’ve poked myself MANY MANY times with the double pointed needles!!! Sometimes the needles get in these awkward angles and I try to use my body to somehow adjust the needles hahaha

      • I already do that with normal needles so I imagine I’ll be worse with DP’s! Haha!

      • hahahha now I don’t feel as crazy when i’m getting stabbed by knitting needles =p

  3. paulaayn Says:

    oh my, how cute are those birdies!!

  4. grimdreamer Says:

    Where did the yellow one go??

  5. Oh my goodness! The cuteness! If you ever sell your amazing creations, please, oh please let me know! I am in awe and love! I can not knit but I absolutely love all the adorable little things that can be made by awesome people such as yourself! :D

    • WOW! Thank you for the support! This blog an outlet for my knitting addict and thank you for sharing this passion with me! I’m currently not selling the toys but I will definitely let you know if I do! :) I’ve grown quite attached to the toys and I think they’ll curse me if I abandon them hahahha

  6. dorkaleena Says:

    So. Stinkin’. CUTE! *Sigh* One day… ONE DAY I’ll be that good. I really like your blog! I will definitely be back!

  7. I love those little birds. What a great idea. Thanks for the post.

  8. The birdies are so cute! Glad Lionel didn’t scare them away! =) (or maybe they scared Lionel away that’s why he’s only in one of the photos? Haaa…)

  9. anastasiawraight Says:

    Too cute! I think I need this book.

    • I actually really like the book! The cover looks a little old school but a lot of the toys in the book are awesome! There is a pattern for a Robin and an Owl as well but I just kept it simple for this post =p Thank you for your comment!

  10. these are sooooo cute!!!! Is it bad that I’m in love with your creations (as an adult!)???

    • HAHAHHAHAA nooo it’s not bad at all!!!! Your comment justifies me in going out to buy more yarn to knit more toys! :D :D :D

      • ha! as if our “kind” needs a justification to go out and get more yarn! :) You should see my yarn stash! And I still can’t go to a craft store without buying more!

      • It gets addictive, that’s why I go crazy during sale days! :D :D One would think that a shopping basket is sufficient but I just go for the big cart… u never know… hahaha

  11. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I’d take a wonder over here and see what you’ve been up to, I LOVE these birds! I was thinking about some animal making and I’m feeling truly inspired now!

    • THANK YOU! You should definitely make a giraffe or a penguin!! Both are my favourite animals :D :D

      P.S. I am jealous of your wool stash from your trip to China!!

      • A giraffe sounds like a good idea! or maybe a pink elephant? hmmm…….

        My boyfriend has banned me from buying anymore wool until a deplete some of the ‘stash’, so instead i’ve taken to hiding my various new purchases around the flat, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt, right?

    • HAHAHHAHAHA “what he doesn’t know can’t hurt!” Interestingly, my boyfriend took me to a cute little yarn shop today and he encouraged me to spend!!!! I’ve never spent more than 15.00$ on ONE LITTLE ball but I did it! And I didn’t just buy only 1 ball….

  12. ddlollybabe Says:

    so cute!! im a beginner in knitting.. :)

  13. Aaaahhhh! So adorable!! If you ever want to do a craft swap, let me know. Your critters are fantastic! :)

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely interested in a craft swap, but what is a craft swap? hahahhaa it sounds fun!

      • A craft swap is simply two crafters sending each other something of their work. If you are interested, I could send you something of my clay stuff and in exchange you could send me something knitted. After we each got our parcel, we would then post pictures of both what we sent and what we got for our readers to see.

    • WOW! That sounds like SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will contact you soon! :D

  14. Carla Says:

    oooh those are so cute!!

  15. fibercrush Says:

    I have this book! My mother gave it to me when she stopped knitting. I haven’t tried any of the patterns yet but your results and creative photography are inspiring me to add some to my queue!

    • That’s so awesome!!! I just keep borrowing from the library :(! I find this book is very similiar to Jean Greenhowe’s book, “Knitted Toys” but both are awesome! I love the little mouse family in Welch’s book! I’d can’t wait to see your knitted toys soon!

  16. Adorable! I can see a whole flock of these taking up residence in my daughter’s room!

  17. purlygirl2 Says:

    I think I’ll purchase that toy book. These little guys are sooooo cute!

    • The book is sooo cute and the instructions were very very straight forward!!! I borrowed mine from the library! So If you can’t find a copy, try the library :D :D :D

  18. bb5lolusime1983 Says:

    Reblogged this on Billy Harrington Weblog.

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