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The Versatile Blogger June 7, 2012

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A BIG THANK YOU to For the Knit of Itel pullover azullollipops and rainbows,  the giraffe’s hat, ddLoLLyBabECrafted Cuteness schmoozelfleugen , and Off The Hook for the lovely Versatile Blogger award!


Thank you

Thank you

Seven Random Things about Myself: 
1.  I have OCD when it comes to certain things… I just love it when things are in a certain order… It makes sense right? Because then I can find it easier later!

2.  I recently became a fan of dark chocolate… 86% is as far as I can go (so far)… I took a bite out of my 99% cocoa bar and it’s still sitting on my desk

3.  Is afraid to eat KFC because of a youtube video made by PETA

4.  I wish to meet Mary Higgens Clark one day and write a story with her. I have every single one of her books :)

5.  When I had braces, I got the glow in the dark colour bands so I would smiled at the light for a while and then tried to scare my sister while she sleeps

6.  I love the smell of paint and hardwood floors (hence a trip to rona or home depot would make me very happy)

7.  I can’t spell for beans!

I would like to award 15 more bloggers:

1.   millieonherworld

2.  mrs m makes

3.   kotog

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Update: March 4, 2013 –> 
Another BIG THANK YOU to vix knits… and crochets and sews…Dear Ms MigraineShe Wines Sometimesschmoozelfleugen, ddlollybabe and HIJinK’s Crochet for the Sunshine Blogger award!!!

Thank you to millieonherworldMaryanne/VickyCloth Monkeydivinedebris jewelryart lover mommyme design magazineseascapes aus,whattaylormade, and A Flutter by in Stitches for the One Lovely Blog Award!

One Lovely Blog Award

One lovely Blog Award

Update: March 26, 2013 –>

A BIG AWESOME THANK YOU to Cycling GrandmawhattaylormadeInspiration SandwichTapeAndFluff, and Knitting Rays of Hope for the Inspiring Blog Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Inspiring Blog Award

Update: Sept 7, 2012 –>

WOW!!! Another new award!! Thank you Spinayarnknit for the Blog on Fire ward!

Update: Sept 14, 2012 –>

I am so honoured to receive another unique award!! Thank you to Knitting Revolution for the Super Sweet Blogger Award

Update: Sept 15, 2012 –>

Another fabulous award from blondiesbearista!  Thank you SOOOOOoo much for the Beautiful Blogger award!!

Update: Sept 27, 2012 –>

This award is SOOO CUTE!!! Thank you Hannah Aackroyd !!

Update: Sept 29, 2012 –>

Another unique award!! Thank you Kyred again for this award!!

Update: Feb 4, 2013 –> 

A new award for 2013!!! I am very honored to receive this award from silkesonestopddlollybabe, and knitxpressions!!!

Liebster Blog Award 2

Liebster Blog Award



30 Responses to “The Versatile Blogger”

  1. paulaayn Says:

    Hi There, I’m not sure which PETA video you are talking about but remember that PETA has a very definite agenda and aren’t always completely honest. I can’t seem to see where you are living?? If you are Canadian, remember our meat production laws are very different and stricter than the American.

    • I am Canadian indeed :) And thank you for informing me about the PETA videos. It’s hard to find out the truth these days. I recently watched a movie called Food, Inc and I didn’t want to eat after :(. Just finding out where are food comes from is scary.

      • paulaayn Says:

        Food Inc was funded by PETA too. If you have any questions about the differences, I’d be happy to help. Food Inc is American too -so different in many ways. KFC uses Canadian chicken so there are no hormones (haven’t been since the 60’s)

    • WOW! I am blinded by the media out there :(. I guess I’ll need to do more research.

  2. grimdreamer Says:

    Congratulations! I like point 5 ;)

  3. momoftwosalums Says:

    I can’t eat KFC either!

  4. agree with number 6…. :)

    about KFC…i have the feeling of going there to eat sometimes but if i do, i have enough for several years ;)

  5. Yep. Visiting because of a link, but following just because of point 5. (worried about what that says about me!)

  6. Just saw that I was on the list too! Thank you so much! That is so sweet…now at the risk of sounding like I don’t know a thing about this blogging thing that I’ve started, what do I do next?? Just copy and insert it to mine?

  7. kydel Says:

    Oh Wow! I have been ill for a couple of weeks and I’m soooooo behind on catching up on my favourite blogs. I have only just realised you nominated me! Thank you so much :D That means such a lot! I love your blog and the super cute things you make. I wish I could crochet but I have no time to learn with all the knitting I have to do haha!
    I better go and do a very late blog post!

    • kydel Says:

      I clicked before I’d finished yapping!
      I wanted to add, congratulations to you on your 3 blogging awards! Go You! Woot!

      That is all :D

    • hahah you’re so funny! I hope you’re feeling better now!!! I wish I could crochet as well and I might learn in the future =p I should have sent a message to the 15 blogs to notify them but my friend says they will know when someone tags them… well, my friend is obviously wrong. hahaha Congrats!! I’m reading your blog post now and writing this message at the same time hahahhaha

  8. Thank you so much for the nomination! It’s been pretty busy here lately so I haven’t had a chance to post my own yet, but I will soon! I have been meaning to spend more time here, looking for other interesting blogs, now this is just the motivation I need! Yay for being unproductive in the real world for a while! :) :) :)

    • You welcome!!!! I look forward to your post and finding out 7 random facts about you! That’s my favourite part =p and discovering new blogs as well of course :D :D

  9. seascapesaus Says:

    hearty congratulations crayonsandmilk! what a lovely bunch of awards for your delightful blog.

  10. I was very pleased to see that you liked my “Short Order Quilter” blog. I’m very new to this blogging thing and as I look at yours I’m inspired. I also like dark chocolate. I have met Mary Higgins Clark just last year and have read all her books. Any blogging help you can offer would be appreciated. And, I love your toys…

  11. Wow, you’ve collected yourself some award bling! Well, you have earned each and every one. Beautiful, fun blog!!!!

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