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Meet Lionel May 30, 2012

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Meet Lionel the lion! He is 24 cms tall but wants to grow just a little bit more. He makes little rawrs whenever he yawns and has a red heart filled with love and happiness. Lionel also loves to tan; hence, his golden yellow tone! During his Kit Kat breaks, Lionel combs his luscious mane and look up to the sky because he enjoys analyzing the crazy coo coo clouds.

Have a question for Lionel? Comment below! :)

Pattern: Lion Brand Yarn #90696AD (Little Lion Sock Critter)

Little Red Heart Pattern:


50 Responses to “Meet Lionel”

  1. grimdreamer Says:

    lionel, what’s your favourite band?!

  2. Where do you hang out on a Saturday night, Lionel?

    • Every Saturday, Lionel hangs out in the yarn basket. He likes to destroy all the yellow coloured balls of yarn because he doesn’t want crayonsandmilk to knit another Lionel.

  3. Lionel you’re so adorable! *blows you a kiss*

  4. I love the first picture SO MUCH.

  5. kydel Says:

    Lionel, I’ve always wanted to plait a lion’s mane, Can I do yours?
    I love the photo at the end where it looks like you are looking up at me. Very high fashion!

  6. ginger Says:

    Oh goodness, that is so cute! And living in Africa, I’m extra impressed by the animal you chose!

  7. lostdododesigns Says:

    So cool!

  8. pezcita Says:

    Too cute! He reminds me of my college’s mascot, Reggie.

  9. Bubbles Says:

    Lionel – you are WAYYY too cute!!!

  10. artrovings Says:

    Loving your work crayonsandmilk…..especially the cages aliens! x

  11. How cute!!! I don’t knit, just crochet, and I always say that you can do so much more with knitting. all your items are just adorable!

  12. Hi! we have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award! We enjoy reading your blog. See my post on this award for next steps. Enjoy!

  13. I found your site through my friend’s I love your toys! They are adorable!!

  14. Pinfamous Says:

    Lionel is adorable! Thank you for the smile :)

  15. naturalbotox Says:

    Cute! Lionel has earned himself a groupie. ;)

  16. catsmum Says:

    Georgia [ my giraffe] thinks he’s pretty darned cute for a predator LOL

  17. minithingy Says:

    So cute ^^ :}

  18. Lisa Says:

    Wow he’s so adorable!!

  19. Hey Lionel you might want to consider this song.

    • OH!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT HIPPO IS SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! I kept singing to it even when the song is finished hahahha

  20. themakingbox Says:

    He’s so cute! I find getting the expression right tricky but he looks fab!

    • Oh yes! Every time I finish a toy, I would spend a long time to try to get the expression right! It could make or break the toy! :D But thank you for your lovely comment!

  21. I tweeted about this:

    I have endless work ahead but an email about Lionel the Bear has just sent me into spirals of existential glee/angst.

    Lionel has ideals: Lionel doesn’t want you to come in: Lionel might jump:

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