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Funny Mondays May 21, 2012

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9 Responses to “Funny Mondays”

  1. Tami Says:

    This just made me giggle … Thank you!

  2. mcmillenwrites Says:

    OMG I love this I have to save this!!!

  3. lol, this brightened my morning. But now all I can think about is, “Why do I prefer crocheting to knitting?” ;) there must be a psychological application to the knitting/crocheting preference “thing”…. I sense an App coming! Or at the very least a “What your preference of knitting/crocheting says about YOU” quiz-type game. LOL thanks for stopping by my blog, Diy Nerd, one day my crocheting will be worthy of being on the same blog site as yours, :D

    • I’m glad this helped jump start your morning! You brought up a very interesting question and I thought to myself, “why do I prefer knitting?”… and concluded, it’s because I’ve never learned how to crochet! I’ve been knitting for so long that when it comes to learning something new, i’m so hesitant because i’m scared I wont’ be able to perfect it! And I do wonder what knitting says about me and came up with, i’m just super patient and like to sit on my comfy couch hahaha

  4. JRJ2015 Says:

    rofl good one

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