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aKNITomy March 26, 2012

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It is amazing what you can find on Etsy! This blog is dedicated to all my Science and non Sciency friends! Imagine this…. knitting combined with Biology!!!

aKNITomy is a store on Etsy that sells dissected knitted animals such as frogs, rats, bats, fetal pigs, and even aliens! I find this disturbing but I am also deeply DEEPLY fascinated!  I wish I dissected these knitted animals instead of the real ones in University. Below are pictures taken from


13 Responses to “aKNITomy”

  1. Eunmi Says:

    thats AWESOME! I thought of making a cake inspired by human anatomy too… Edna, maybe we can make something together! we can EAT and WEAR Biology!

  2. 365dots Says:

    hahaha this is so cute and funny!

  3. grimdreamer Says:

    you’re my kind of knitter! loved these and may buy the patterns to try one day, when i finally get good at knitting!

  4. Omg. This. is. so. awesome.
    I majored in biology! (and crafts ;D)

    • I know eh! It just amazes me what people can do with yarn! Thanks for reblogging! I studied science and majored in biology as well!!!

      • It’s fantastic to meet another person who is passionate about science and crafting. I wish I thought of this first. haha I crocheted a mathematical representation of chaos in high school too!

      • HAHAHAHA that’s SOOO awesome!!! We’re special because we’re both left and right brain (the logical, mathematical, analytical left brain and the creative, artsy right brain). Have you ever done the test to see which brain dominates? My left brain dominates :D

      • I’d like to think that my brain is balanced but my left brain is CRAZY dominant. To tell you the truth I haven’t done one of those tests in a million years and when you brought it up I took the first one that came up on google and was unsure of the result so I took another that gave me totally the opposite, and I decided to take another to get a more accurate answer… and I think that process answered my question haha.

      • ahahaha I just cross my hands and see where my thumb lands.. it feels more comfortable when my right thumb is on top.. which means my left brain domiantes (aparently) ! i remember doing other fun tests in school as well, but now I forget =p

      • Speaking of brains, check out my most recent post, I think you might like it.

  5. Reblogged this on thismustbehome and commented:
    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while!

  6. JRJ2015 Says:

    hahaha Oh how cool

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