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Spunky and Funky March 4, 2012

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Last month, I received a request to knit a pair of monkeys based on the pattern found in the book Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keen. She wanted one boy monkey and one girl monkey and planned to give one of them to her boyfriend (awwww). In addition, she also wanted a little heart on each monkey.

The most fun I had was putting together all the knitted pieces, creating the heart piece, and the banana peel. I tried to look for a heart pattern online but couldn’t find one (or find one that I liked) so I created my own. It’s not perfect but when sewn on, the flaws could be hidden. The banana peel was created by looking at a picture and perhaps i’ll write out the instructions for what I did on another post.

Below are pictures of Spunky (boy) and Funky (girl)






2 Responses to “Spunky and Funky”

  1. I would love a set of these. What are you asking for them?
    Take care,

    • Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your interest!! Spunky and Funky was a request by a good friend and unfortunately I won’t be knitting these monkies again :(. Sorry! :(

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