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Mr. Pencil February 10, 2012

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Pattern from Knitting MOCHIMOCHI by Anna Hrachovec.

Mr Pencil and his friends loves to draw
They practice hard so that there are no flaws

Mr Pencil’s task is to draw the outline
Anything from clouds to trees to pumpkin vines

The other colours take their turn to fill in the rest
Making sure to blend and not creating a big mess

Unfortunately, Mr Pencil and his friends don’t have any real ink
The pictures they create are imagined and requires one to think

Having real ink or not
Their friendship means a lot lot lot!



11 Responses to “Mr. Pencil”

  1. zoekatarina Says:

    These. Are. Rad
    :D so so cute! love your blog!!

  2. Kimberley Chung Says:

    I love everything you’ve done! They’re so adorable and incredible :D
    Only the yellow one doesn’t have stripes :( it must feel like the odd one out lol

    • Thank you!!! These little crayons and pencil are my top favourites! The yellow one does look a little strange without stripes!! I’ll have to knit another one just because I like everything to be consistent hahhaa

  3. Kay Says:

    like the crayons – don’t have the patience or talent to make them:}

  4. These are SO ADORABLE! I love them! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours! =)

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