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Twenty little Cupcakes February 5, 2012

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The pattern for these cute cupcakes can be found in Teeny-Tiny MOCHIMOCHI by Anna Hrachovec.

Twenty happy-go-lucky cupcakes were lined up in four rows
Getting cotton stuffing until their body overflows

First, their black beady eyes were stitched on
Then with red a little mouth was drawn

The now plumpy cupcakes continued to move along
While waiting for their cherries, they sang a lot of songs

Then a few of the cupcakes fell out of the long line
When they began arguing for that special cherry, “Mine!” “Mine!” “Mine!”

They ended up in a different location than the rest
It was in the Pom Pom Factory! This was not their request

These three cupcakes now had Pom Poms on their head
One of them was so excited that he fled

This silly and naughty cupcake discovered a new place
And got bedazzled with sparkles all over his face!


14 Responses to “Twenty little Cupcakes”

  1. I didn’t have time to look at all your stuff the last time I was on here, but now I’m super glad I came back! Love, love love these little cupcakes! Now I have to go look at the rest to see what else I missed! :)

    • Thank you for dropping by again!!! Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve discovered so many other awesome blogs (like yours!!) but I also never feel like I have enough time to go through everything! I have a huge list of favourites I saved that I need to go back and start pinning the photos onto Pinterest!

  2. Victoria Says:

    So cute and sweet! Love the darling monkeys…and your blog! Are you going to have an Etsy shop?

    • Thank you!!! Unfortunately, I won’t be having an Etsy shop but maybe in the (far) future when I start creating my own toys :) Right now, It’s too hard to part with my little knitted friends! hahaha

  3. maithreyi Says:

    love your toys and the cute poems…..keep them coming

  4. wow. they look like cupcakes feel. you may have sinestesia. or just really like cupcakes.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    They look scrumptious! I’m certain that Maharaja Icky would love to have a go at chomping his way through them!

  6. Love, love, love these cupcakes! I made several cupcake hats for little girls last winter and I’m thinking I need to make some of these.

  7. sooooooo cute!!! how did you attach the sprinkles?

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