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Jean Greenhowe January 25, 2012

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It was around Christmas time when I came across a book called Knitted Toys by Jean Greenhowe. The knitted toys in the book made my heart beat a little fast (like seeing your favourite dress on the sales rack AND it’s in your size!). I was eager to knit everything in that book, especially the little Christmas ornaments. A few days later, I bought a few balls of yarn, a crochet hook, yarn needle, and Polyester Stuffing (a key to fattening up your toys). My very first knitted prototype was a snowman but he somehow ended up with a big hole in his head :(. So I knitted a second one right after, which looked more professional. Then after acquiring the basics, I knitted myself a bigger snowman and named her, Snowy.


4 Responses to “Jean Greenhowe”

  1. Oh my goodness this is adorable!

  2. Adorable – you are so talented!

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